Future of the UK and Scotland at the Festival of Politics

Contributors from the Future of the UK and Scotland project will take centre stage at next weekend’s Festival of Politics. The Festival will take place 15-17 August at the Scottish Parliament.

Colin Fleming will speak on the key strategic and defence issues facing Scotland at the Festival’s session on Defence. Dr Andrew Neal examines issues of intelligence, security, and counterterrorism as part of the I Spy session.

John Curtice will analyse the latest opinion surveys at Polls & Polling. For the latest from John, please visit his post-debate blog. Ailsa Henderson will join a selection of journalists to discuss Scottish Social Attitudes, sharing the latest from her research.

Guest contributor Jo Armstrong will join programme fellow Angus Armstrong for a discussion of What currency? Angus’s latest research examines the consequences of an informal currency union and the lender of last resort.

Michael Keating and Stephen Tierney tackle the status of Scotland in the European Union at the panel on EU Membership, UK and Scotland.

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11th August 2014
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