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Professor of Politics and Public Policy
University of Stirling
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Paul Cairney is Professor of Politics and Public Policy in the Department of History and Politics.  He is a specialist in Scottish politics and public policy, currently completing (with Neil McGarvey, Strathclyde) a second edition of 'Scottish Politics'.  He is also a specialist in the study of policymaking, currently writing a single--authored book entitled 'Policy and Policymaking in the UK' and co-editing (with Robert Geyer, Lancaster) a book on complexity theory and its applications to policymaking. 

His articles have been accepted for publication in leading journals including British Journal of Politics and International Relations, British Politics, Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society, European Journal of Political Research, Journal of European Public Policy, Journal of Legislative Studies, Journal of Public Policy, Journal of Social Policy, Parliamentary Affairs, Policy and Politics, Political Studies, Policy Studies, Policy Studies Journal, Political Quarterly, Political Studies Review, Public Administration, Public Policy and Administration, Regional and Federal Studies, Scottish Affairs and Scottish Parliamentary Review.


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Governance, Centre on Constitutional Change


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The Scottish Government has announced a ‘moratorium’ on fracking to allow it to carry out ‘further research and a public consultation’. It plans to:   ‘Undertake a full public consultation on unconventional oil and gas extraction   Commission a full public health impact assessment   Conduct further... Read more
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Paul Cairney discusses fracking and how the political parties deal with uncertainty. Update 28.1.15 The Scottish Government announced a ‘moratorium’ on fracking in Scotland, to give it time to gather more evidence, partly through a public consultation. [27.1.15] MPs voted yesterday not to have a mor... Read more
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Constitutional questions relating to Scotland may have a disproportional resonance in the UK General Election but, says Paul Cairney, will still prove to be small beer. From the vantage point of Scotland, you would expect constitutional issues to dominate the UK General Election. The famous ‘vow’ al... Read more
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The main focus of the Smith Commission is to decide which powers should be devolved to the Scottish Parliament. Yet, in practice, these powers are held by the Scottish Government and devolved to, or shared with, a large number of governmental, non-governmental and quasi-non-governmental bodies. As a... Read more
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In response to discussions of devo-max (see part I), Paul Cairney examines the competences held by each government and what might be devolved. So, what follows is my attempt to work out what each government does, and what we might reasonably expect if our focus is more on the ‘joined up’ rather th... Read more
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In a two part blog, Paul Cairney asks what will devo-max mean? And how will it play out in different policy areas? Paul will speak today on life after the Scottish independence referendum at the University of Stirling. One of the unfortunate things about the independence referendum debate is that... Read more
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Paul Cairney analyses the surge in support for the SNP after a no vote in the referendum. What does it mean? Paul will speak on Wednesday, 24 September at Stirling University on ‘Will life go on after the Scottish Independence referendum?’. For further details, please see here. You can be forgiven f... Read more
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Paul Cairney analyses 'the vow' made by party leaders on greater devolution and the maintenance of the Barnett formula and asks what impact this will have on the rest of the UK, On the front page of today’s Daily Record, the three UK party leaders made ‘The Vow’ – to support a timetable for greater... Read more
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Paul Cairney on voter views on Westminster-style politics. This piece was originally published on his personal blog. CM/ Guardian Poll Table 11: ‘You say you are going to vote Yes/No. Which two or three of the following best describes why you plan to vote that way?’ ‘Your feelings about Westminster,... Read more
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Paul Cairney unpacks the plans for a Scottish Constitution and an entrenchment of policy preferences. This post was originally published on Paul's personal blog. If there is a Yes vote to Scottish independence, the plan is to have an interim Scottish constitution and then a permanent constitution se... Read more
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