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Professor of Foreign Policy; Postgraduate Adviser (Politics & IR); Co-Director of the Centre for Security Research
The University of Edinburgh
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Juliet Kaarbo joined the Politics and International Relations department in June 2011 as a Senior Lecturer and was promoted to Professor with a Personal Chair in Foreign Policy (effective August 2015). She has served as Director of Postgraduate Research Admissions (2012) and, from 1 January 2013, is Postgraduate Adviser for Politics & International Relations.  She is the founding co-Director of CeSeR http://www.sps.ed.ac.uk/ceser.


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In our interconnected world, a country’s relationships with other international actors, including the EU, have significant consequences for the country and its citizens, economically, culturally, and in terms of security. If UK citizens want to promote values of equality, human rights, and justice i... Read more
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States’ visions of their foreign policies typically have four elements, or pillars:  protection, profits, principles, and pride.  The Scottish Government’s White Paper released last month is no exception.  ‘Protection’ (or ‘power’) concerns the key function of sovereign states – to provide security... Read more
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by Ryan Beasley, University of St. Andrews and Juliet Kaarbo, University of Edinburgh In early 2013, the BBC surveyed EU governments, asking for their opinion on Scottish independence and on the question of Scottish EU membership. More than half of the member states responded either that it was enti... Read more
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