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Jonathan Evershed (University College Cork) looks at the recent success of middle ground parties in Northern Ireland. While it is not yet possible to tell whether and how it can be sustained into subsequent electoral cycles, the Alliance Party of Northern Ireland’s ‘breakthrough’ in recent local and... Read more
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  Jonathan Evershed of University College Cork asks whether the UK Government’s new tariff plan is a case of double standards and, if so,  why the silence so far from the DUP?     The passage of the Withdrawal Agreement at the second time of asking was predicated on changes to the backstop which the... Read more
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Theresa May's public recognition of the realities of the Norther Irish border in her Commons speech withdrawing the Meaningful Vote was, says Jonathan Evershed, much too little and far too late.    Almost from the moment the term ‘backstop’ entered the Brexit lexicon just over one year ago, it becam... Read more
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As the DUP position shifts and Threatens Theresa May's working majority, Jonathan Evershed assesses the scope and limits of Unionist resistance to the Brexit backstop.    Contra the terms of their confidence and supply arrangement with Theresa May’s government, DUP MPs have already signalled their i... Read more
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CCC Fellow Jonathan Evershed of University College Cork assess the fallout from the Prime Minister's unhappy appearance at the Salzberg summit.    It is difficult to conclude that the recent Salzburg summit of EU leaders was anything short of a disaster for Theresa May. The Prime Minister suffered w... Read more
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Given that there are many policy differences between Northern Ireland and other parts of the UK, asks Jonathan Evershed, why has customs policy been singled out as a red line by Unionists?    On her recent visit to Northern Ireland, Prime Minister Theresa May made a speech to an assortment of ‘busin... Read more
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The path being pursued by the DUP in Brexit, says Jonathan Evershed, is not so far from the mainstream of Unionist opinion.    Theresa May’s pact with the DUP has seen constitutional principle overtaken by electoral contingency and political expediency. On 26th June 2017, the spirit and, some have a... Read more
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