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Hedydd Mai
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Hedydd Mai Phylip is currently a Research Associate at the Wales Governance Centre at Cardiff University’s School of Law and Politics. 
Having completed her LLB Law and French from Cardiff University in 2011 and her LLM in European Law from the University of Edinburgh in 2013 she worked in the European Parliament for 3 years before returning to Wales. She spent 9 months working as Press and Political Officer at the European Commission’s office in Cardiff in the period immediately after the referendum on the UK’s membership.
Returning to academia she worked with Dr Jo Hunt on the return of EU competencies post-Brexit. She is now working on the ‘Between Two Unions’ project with Dan Wincott and Greg Davies, focusing on the constitutional implications of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. She is also looking at the effect of Brexit on devolution and Wales, and is particularly interested in inter-governmental and inter-parliamentary relations.


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  • 14th September 2018

    For Ireland, the Brexit discussion has focused heavily on the Irish issue. This has meant an unrelenting emphasis on securing a Brexit deal which ensures no border on the island of Ireland, and achieving a backstop provision which guarantees this scenario. The expectation is that this will be achieved in the context of the Withdrawal Agreement, and before the transition phase begins. Dr Mary C Murphy looks at what the Brexit transition period means for Ireland, North and South.

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    In the second of her blogs focusing on international trade issues, Dr Kristen Hopewell looks at some of the difficulties that the UK might face as it seeks to negotiate new bilateral agreements

  • 6th September 2018

    With little more than six months to go before the UK leaves the EU on 29 March 2019, the position of Scotland vis-à-vis the EU is not much clearer than it was in the immediate aftermath of the EU referendum more than two years ago. Dr Tobias Lock looks at what has Brexit meant for Scotland so far and what developments can we expect?

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