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Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations
University of Edinburgh
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Dr Eve Hepburn is Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations. Eve is also Associate Editor of Scottish Affairs and International Editorial Board Member of the Island Studies Journal.

Eve was Founding Depute Director of the Academy of Government and was Co-Director of the Master of Public Policy (MPP), Executive Programme in Public Policy, and Postgraduate Certificate in Practice in Government (2010-2012). She was Co-Editor of Regional & Federal Studies from 2007-2012 and Co-Convenor of the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) Standing Group on Federalism and Regionalism from 2008-2013. Eve joined the Department in February 2007 as an ESRC Postdoctoral Fellow. During 2008-10 she held a Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship and directed the MSc Multi-level and Regional Politics. Prior to this, she was a Research Fellow at the University of Aberdeen. She has also held Visiting Fellowships at the University of British Columbia (Vancouver), McGill University (Montreal), European University Institute (Florence), Università di Cagliari (Sardinia), University of Prince Edward Island (Charlottetown), Aland Islands Peace Institute (Finland) and Großbritannien-Zentrum der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (Germany).

In November 2012, Eve was awarded the University of Edinburgh's 'Rising Star Award' by HRH The Princess Royal in recognition of outstanding contributions to research and teaching.

Eve is strongly committed to public engagement and has provided advice and consultancy to a range of organisations including, most recently, providing expert testimony to the House of Commons Political and Constitutional Reform Committee on the draft Scotland clauses, the Scottish Parliament on its international strategy, and the Sardinian Government on revising its special statute.

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Politics and International Relations


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