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Postdoctoral Research Fellow
University of Edinburgh
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Dr. Coree Brown Swan is a postdoctoral researcher at the Centre on Constitutional Change, based at the University of Edinburgh. She is currently working on the ESRC-funded Between Two Unions project, with a focus on institutional dynamics and relations. Her research interests include intergovernmental relations, comparative territorial politics, self-government parties and movements, and qualitative research methods. Key publications include a co-authored report Reforming Intergovernmental Relations in the United Kingdom (McEwen et al 2018) and Intergovernmental Relations and Parliamentary Scrutiny, prepared for the Devolution (Further Powers) Committee of the Scottish Parliament. (McEwen et al 2015). She has also published chapters on the currency union (Petersohn and Brown Swan, 2015) and the independence question in the Oxford Handbook of Scottish Politics (forthcoming). She has presented her research extensively at academic conferences and at events aimed at public audiences. Coree convenes a course on Scottish Politics at the University of Edinburgh and has tutored on courses on comparative politics and qualitative research. She also co-convenes the Territorial Politics Research Group and co-organises the Scottish Parliament’s External Experts Panel. Coree completed her MsC and PhD in politics at the University of Edinburgh and her MA in European Studies at Jagiellonian University.

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Research Fellow, Centre on Constitutional Change


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Dauvit Broun at the Scottish Constitutional Futures Forum reflects on the legal implications of the UK's publication of legal advice on the status of Scotland and the United Kingdom in the event of a yes vote. He warns that the answers might not be as clear as the government would have liked. Also a... Read more
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In a piece published at the Scottish Constitutional Futures Forum, Jo Shaw discusses the potential determinants of Scottish citizenship, whether based on territory or ethnocultural characteristics. She stresses the need to determine citizenship quickly in the event of a yes vote but also establish t... Read more
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In this fortnightly feature, Coree Brown rounds up the latest blogs from academics and commentators.   Writing at Political Insight, John Curtice discusses both the pragmatic and emotional elements of the independence debate, noting that Scots may face a conflict between their identity and their mat... Read more
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The Scottish Government Expert Working Group on Welfare Reform and Tackling Poverty has issued a call for evidence. The Group has been asked to address the principles and policies that could form the pillars of a working age benefits system in an independent Scotland, and the costs and delivery stru... Read more
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Students from more socially advantaged backgrounds continue to be over-represented at the most selective universities in England and Scotland, an audience of academics and policy makers will hear next Tuesday (8 October) at a seminar at the University of Edinburgh. That’s in spite of the two countri... Read more
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In this fortnightly feature, Coree Brown rounds up the latest blogs from academics and commentators. The Guardian's DataBlog analyses the results of the 2011 Census which showed that 62% of those surveyed defined themselves as 'Scottish-only' in contrast to the 18% who characterised themselves as bo... Read more
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Economists, policy makers, political scientists and journalists have gathered at a major conference in Edinburgh over the past two days (19-20 September) to focus on an emerging theme in economics: constitutional change.   Catalan demands for independence, continuing political pressures in Belgium,... Read more
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Coree Brown presents a round up of the latest external blogs of interest. The University of Saint Andrews' Francesca Lacaita offers a view from abroad at the Social Europe Journal. Dr Lacaita notes that the Scottish referendum debate is a matter of concern for those outwith Scotland, and indeed the... Read more
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On 2 May 2013 the Economic and Social Research Council organised a debate for young people focussed on the referendum.  The short video of the debate is now live on the Social Science for Schools website. Video of Future of Scotland and the UK Schools Debate
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