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Postdoctoral Research Fellow
University of Edinburgh
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Dr. Coree Brown Swan is a postdoctoral researcher at the Centre on Constitutional Change, based at the University of Edinburgh. She is currently working on the ESRC-funded Between Two Unions project, with a focus on institutional dynamics and relations. Her research interests include intergovernmental relations, comparative territorial politics, self-government parties and movements, and qualitative research methods. Key publications include a co-authored report Reforming Intergovernmental Relations in the United Kingdom (McEwen et al 2018) and Intergovernmental Relations and Parliamentary Scrutiny, prepared for the Devolution (Further Powers) Committee of the Scottish Parliament. (McEwen et al 2015). She has also published chapters on the currency union (Petersohn and Brown Swan, 2015) and the independence question in the Oxford Handbook of Scottish Politics (forthcoming). She has presented her research extensively at academic conferences and at events aimed at public audiences. Coree convenes a course on Scottish Politics at the University of Edinburgh and has tutored on courses on comparative politics and qualitative research. She also co-convenes the Territorial Politics Research Group and co-organises the Scottish Parliament’s External Experts Panel. Coree completed her MsC and PhD in politics at the University of Edinburgh and her MA in European Studies at Jagiellonian University.

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Research Fellow, Centre on Constitutional Change


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The Institute for Public Policy Research has launched its report on Devo more and welfare: Devolving benefits and policy for a stronger union. The report considers both the practical and policy problems with devolving some or all aspects of welfare, and the reasons why devolving some aspects of it w... Read more
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This marks the launch of our infographic series, in which we'll cover a range of topics relevant to the debate. We begin with the key facts and figures regarding the campaign, and follow with an exploration of issues related to defence and independence. Rather than attempting to capture all aspects... Read more
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The 23 February edition of the Sunday Times republished Pat and Ken's contributions to our debate. Here it is again in case you've missed it.   In an effort to broaden the debate, we've asked two prominent figures in Scottish arts and culture to address the theme How could a Yes or a No vote help S... Read more
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Professor Paul Cairney and Emily St Denny of University of Stirling and ESRC Scottish Centre on Constitutional Change outline the decision-making processes in prevention policy in a report to the Scottish Government.
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 In this week's blog round-up, bloggers discuss outstanding issues surrounding the referendum debate, particularly shared currency, religious issues, conservative voting motivations and the Olympic prospects of an independent Scotland.   At the LSE British Politics and Policy blog, Jim McCormick we... Read more
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New research has been looking at how migration to and from Scotland might change following independence and demonstrates the need for a more tailored approach to migration policies whatever the outcome of the independence referendum.The analyses, published by the ESRC Centre for Population Change, f... Read more
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Attracting and retaining migrants has been positioned as a key driver of population and economic growth in Scotland (Scottish Government, 2011). The Scottish Government has consistently stated that current UK immigration policies do not meet the needs of Scotland (2013a, 2013b). In the event of inde... Read more
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The outcome of the 2014 Scottish referendum on the constitutional future of the United Kingdom (UK) may have noticeable impact on future migration to and from Scotland. This briefing addresses some of the issues that are currently being investigated by the ESRC Centre for Population Change, examini... Read more
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Migration to and from Scotland could potentially be affected by the outcome of the 2014 Scottish referendum on the constitutional future of the United Kingdom. The likelihood and extent of changes in migration have not been thoroughly analysed to date. This briefing paper presents selected outcomes... Read more
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This briefing paper examines Scottish employers’ and industry representatives’ views on current UK immigration policies, and situates these perspectives within the context of the constitutional change debate. The research is based on an online survey of more than 700 Scottish employers, supplemented... Read more
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