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Senior Vice Principal; Professor of Politics
University of Edinburgh
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Charlie Jeffery was apppointed Senior Vice-Principal of the University of Edinburgh on 1 October 2014, having held a Chair of Politics at the University since 2004. He previously served as Vice-Principal for Public Policy (2012-2014), as Director of the Academy of Government (2011-2014), as Head of the School of Social and Political Science (2009-2012), and as Co-Director of the Institute of Governance (2004-2009). He previously held academic appointments at the University of Leicester and the University of Birmingham where he was appointed Professor of German Politics in 1999.

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Senior Vice Principal; Professor of Politics


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What do we make of it so far? One thing that strikes me is the different tone of media debate at the UK level as compared with Scotland. The Scottish media debate has its own challenges. It is repetitive, insular, over-obsessed with details that pass ordinary Scots by, disconnected from grass roots... Read more
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Both the UK Government and the Scottish Government yesterday published detailed papers that each predicted the trajectory of Scotland’s public finances in the event of a Yes vote in September.  Each was trailed over the weekend when we heard of the ‘UK dividend’ and the ‘independence bonus’, each be... Read more
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Imagine it’s 19 September 2014 and Scotland has voted No. If that does prove to be the case the No side’s victory will have been built on a two-pronged strategy. The first prong is the approach taken by the UK Government in rejecting a Scottish Government vision of independence that would involve co... Read more
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The final report of the Labour Party’s Devolution Commission is now out, ready for presentation and, we presume, approval at the Scottish Labour Conference this weekend. The publication of the report leaves the Conservatives as the only significant pro-union party yet to declare its hand on what fur... Read more
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You wait for months for a fuller case for further devolution for Scotland within the UK to turn up and then two arrive at the same time. Yesterday morning we saw the ‘Campbell II’ Report by Sir Menzies Campbell’s Home Rule and Community Rule Commission (as discussed here  by James Mitchell), and lat... Read more
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Several members of the ESRC Future of the UK and Scotland team tackle aspects of Scotland’s economic future on our website today; as they prepare to give evidence to the Scottish Parliament’s Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee tomorrow (5 March). The economics of the independence debate is the ho... Read more
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Charlie Jeffery, Professor of Politics, University of Edinburgh and Director, Economic and Social Research Council Programme ‘The Future of the UK and Scotland’ Written submission to the Scottish Parliament’s Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee in relation to its inquiry on ‘Scotland’s Economic Fu... Read more
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In response to the Chancellor's speech, Charlie Jeffery asks 'Osborne's Game-Changer: but What Game?' Currency unions between independent states are technically difficult to establish and run. They can require strict limits to fiscal autonomy, and they can need painful adjustments if the component e... Read more
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by Charlie Jeffery, Future of UK and Scotland Research Co-ordinator So the White Paper is now out. What are the first impressions of Scotland's Future on an initial skim? First and foremost it's huge. At 670 pages it can't be digested in one go. This is not something aimed at the woman on the Coatbr... Read more
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How will Scotland feel the day after the referendum next year? A Yes/No referendum inevitably has a polarising effect. And a Yes/No debate can become a bitter debate, and some think it already has. Sir John Elvidge, the Scottish Government’s former chief civil servant wrote in the Herald a few weeks... Read more
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