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Senior Vice Principal; Professor of Politics
University of Edinburgh
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+44 (0)131 650 3553
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Charlie Jeffery was apppointed Senior Vice-Principal of the University of Edinburgh on 1 October 2014, having held a Chair of Politics at the University since 2004. He previously served as Vice-Principal for Public Policy (2012-2014), as Director of the Academy of Government (2011-2014), as Head of the School of Social and Political Science (2009-2012), and as Co-Director of the Institute of Governance (2004-2009). He previously held academic appointments at the University of Leicester and the University of Birmingham where he was appointed Professor of German Politics in 1999.

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Senior Vice Principal; Professor of Politics


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Charlie Jeffery provides a quick assessment of the morning's events and the indyref result, in the first of his analyses today.  So now we know. Scottish voters have made the momentous decision to remain within the UK. Amid the celebrations on one side and what for many will be a deep sense of disap... Read more
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For the past 16 months, our experts at the Future of the UK and Scotland Programme have been bringing you expert, impartial analysis of the campaign as it unfolds. Now it is time to visit the polling station and cast your vote. Still undecided? If so why not take a look at our brief guide to the deb... Read more
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With one week left to go, Charlie Jeffery discusses what we might expect in the event of a yes vote. For what next if no, see here. If Scotland votes Yes next week we will have seen a remarkable turnaround in fortunes. Only in the final two weeks was there a sense - beyond the Scottish Government an... Read more
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A week ahead of the vote, Charlie Jeffery asks what next if no? For what next if yes, see here. If Scotland votes No next week it will be, as far as the opinion polls can foretell, a narrow victory. Something close to half of the Scottish electorate will have voted to leave the union, leaving the No... Read more
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Charlie Jeffery weighs in on the latest YouGov poll and proposals for further devolution. With ten days to go the debate is suddenly transformed. YouGov's latest polling has set the pro-independence cat among the pro-union pigeons. Its poll last week showed a rapid narrowing to 53% No and 47% Yes, a... Read more
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Charlie Jeffery reflects on the business community's stance on independence in light of two letters published in Scotland's national papers. Brad MacKay analyses the letters in a blog published yesterday. What Scottish businesses think about the referendum on 18 September has often been presented wi... Read more
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Everyone agrees that more powers are moving from London to Edinburgh, whatever the outcome of the vote. However, asks Charlie Jeffery, will that process include further powers for communities? Never before in Scotland has so much time been spent thinking about how best to govern ourselves. The debat... Read more
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Regular readers of this website will have noticed the development of our Guide to the Debate – short, accessible presentations of what the Yes and No sides say about some of the key issues at stake in the referendum, along with our comments designed put the claims of both sides ‘In Perspective’. The... Read more
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As part of our weekly state of the debate series, Charlie Jeffery discusses the outcome of last night's television debate. This time the consensus is that it was Alex Salmond who came out ahead. The instant polling on the BBC's referendum debate in Glasgow called it for him by a wide margin. And mos... Read more
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This week, we are highlighting the contributions of our fellows to Scotland's Decision: 16 Questions to think about for the referendum on 18 September.  Today’s topic is prospects for business and competition. The book is available as a free download. Our experts look at two questions under this hea... Read more
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