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Senior Vice Principal; Professor of Politics
University of Edinburgh
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Charlie Jeffery was apppointed Senior Vice-Principal of the University of Edinburgh on 1 October 2014, having held a Chair of Politics at the University since 2004. He previously served as Vice-Principal for Public Policy (2012-2014), as Director of the Academy of Government (2011-2014), as Head of the School of Social and Political Science (2009-2012), and as Co-Director of the Institute of Governance (2004-2009). He previously held academic appointments at the University of Leicester and the University of Birmingham where he was appointed Professor of German Politics in 1999.

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Senior Vice Principal; Professor of Politics


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The Labour Party last week issued a pre-emptive strike on today’s proposals from the government on devolution to England. Charlie Jeffery, a co-author of the Future of England Study and former member of the MacKay Commission, suggests that it may be a case of ‘too little, too soon’ if they allow the... Read more
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Devolution (Further Powers) Committee, 11 December 2014 - Evidence from Professor Charlie Jeffery, Professor of Politics, University of Edinburgh The Smith Commission report was a compromise of often quite divergent positions that was crafted at speed. Already it has been criticised from a number of... Read more
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Lord Smith is due to present his report on proposed additional powers for the Scottish Parliament on 27 November. In the first of a series of blogs taken from our upcoming e-book, Beyond Smith: Contributions to the continuing process of Scottish devolution, Professor Charlie Jeffery considers how th... Read more
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Professor Charlie Jeffery and Professor Richard Wyn Jones reflect on the devolution debate that took place on the 14th October at the House of Commons, and the ‘English Question’. This article is taken from the What Scotland Thinks blog. Yesterday, the House of Commons finally had its big devolution... Read more
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Professor Charlie Jeffery reflects on the key findings of the 2014 Future of England Survey as debate on the constitutional question – and UKIP’s rise – unfolds in England. Scotland’s big question was resolved on 18 September 2014. Early the next morning David Cameron opened up the English question,... Read more
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The 2014 Future of England Survey discovers not only a distinct English identity but a strong and growing desire for England-wide solutions to English constitutional solutions. The survey of 3,705 adults in England found support for David Cameron's preferred option of English Votes for English Laws;... Read more
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Professor Charlie Jeffery argues that the Conservative Party now occupies the middle ground among party views on more devolution in Scotland. So now the parties’ initial submissions on additional powers for the Scottish Parliament have been sent to Lord Smith, and can be downloaded from the Commissi... Read more
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Charlie Jeffery analyses the constitutional chain reaction that we now see unfolding before us. On 18th September 2014 the question was whether or not Scotland should be independent country, and on the morning of the 19th Prime Minister David Cameron announced he was looking for a decisive answer to... Read more
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So Scotland voted no. Yes won 45% of the vote, significantly short of a majority and indeed what most of the polls in the run-up to the referendum suggested. Yes won in just four local authority areas, losing in 28. All in all a comprehensive defeat. Or is it? Is 45% in favour of independence that m... Read more
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Professor Charlie Jeffery, Director of the ESRC Future of the UK and Scotland teams, looks at the implications of the Prime Minister’s statement on the victory of the No campaign in the independence referendum. The referendum has been won by the Conservatives and their allies under the banner of Bet... Read more
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