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Summary: This document explains how Northern Ireland and Scotland should and could stay within the European Union while remaining inside the United Kingdom; why this proposal need not prevent and may in fact facilitate England and Wales in leaving the EU; and why this compromise proposal is in accor... Read more
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Gareth Evans looks at why Wales bucked the trend of the devolved regions in the United Kingdom and voted in favour of Brexit. The result of the EU Referendum in Wales saw 52.5% of the electorate vote in favour of Brexit. Reading this result in comparison with England delivers little in the way of an... Read more
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Edited by Aileen McHarg, Tom Mullen, Alan Page, and Neil Walker Provides an essential, one-stop resource for academics, students, and all others who are interested in learning about the referendum and its aftermath Brings together a range of relevant disciplines to provide a multi-faceted analysis... Read more
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What can Twitter tell us about the views of the electorate ahead of the UK’s EU referendum? Based on an extensive analysis of Twitter usage in the months leading up to the vote, Laura Cram and Clare Llewellyn illustrate that while Leave supporters continue to have a much more visible presence on Twi... Read more
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In EU parlance, Scotland is defined as a "region" and, more specifically, as one of the EU’s "legislative regions", a regional tier of government that has the power to enact laws over a range of policies within its jurisdiction. Devolution was intended to enable the Scottish Parliament to design pol... Read more
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Issues relating to the agricultural sector have not received the attention that might have been expected, says Dr Alan Greer, but examination of those issues presents some surprising results.    In the Brexit referendum, the issues of agriculture, food and rural affairs have not perhaps been discuss... Read more
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By Andy Kerr,  Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation at the University of Edinburgh. The UK’s Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Amber Rudd, recently argued that energy bills in the UK would soar by £500 million a year if the UK left the EU. This figure was strongly disputed by leave... Read more
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Professor Charlie Jeffery, Fellow of the Centre on Constitutional Change and Professor of Politics at the University of Edinburgh, has been awarded a CBE in the Queen’s birthday honours. The award recognised Professor Jeffery’s work in promoting social science as a tool to inform public decision mak... Read more
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By William Walker, University of St Andrews. UK security: is the EU relevant or irrelevant? On 23 November 2015, David Cameron presented to the House of Commons the National Security Strategy and Strategic Defence Review (SDSR) that his Government had prepared since taking office. The Review spoke o... Read more
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The United Kingdom faces a momentous decision, whether to leave or to remain in the European Union. Voters, who will soon be asked to settle the matter in a referendum, are looking for more information and impartial analysis. At this Q&A event, we discussed the issues at stake with the help of a... Read more
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