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The revised Wales Bill has seen UK ministers respond to many of the criticisms of the original draft, say Manon George and Huw Pritchard of the Wales Governance Centre, however there still remain points of contention between Cardiff and London.    On the same day as the Queen officially opened the f... Read more
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Farming and fishing are frequently associated with timeless images of Britain, its rural idyll, and its reputed individualism. Indeed, many of these images of ‘Britishness’ are frequently invoked by those wanting to leave the EU. As we recount below, however, agriculture and fisheries in Scotland an... Read more
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In the 1975 referendum England provided the strongest support for European integration, with a much smaller margin for membership in Scotland and Northern Ireland. By 2015 the rank order of ‘national’ attitudes to European integration had reversed. Now, England is the UK’s most eurosceptic nation an... Read more
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By Mark Elliott and Stephen Tierney The Constitution Committee’s report on ‘The Union and devolution’, published today, declares the Union to be “under threat”, and recommends that the United Kingdom Government “needs fundamentally to reassess how it approaches issues relating to devolution.” The re... Read more
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The University of Edinburgh, in association with FutureLearn, is offering a free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC):Towards Brexit? The UK’s EU Referendum (http://edin.ac/1sj0LX0)Course Starts: 13 June 2016 Course Team: Anthony Salamone, Prof Laura Cram, Prof Charlie JefferyThe UK will hold its refer... Read more
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The devolution of power to city regions in England has been more technocratic than democratic say Dr Arianna Giovannini of the University of Sheffield and Dr Andrew Mycock of the University of Huddersfield.   The local elections  that took place across England were somewhat overshadowed by the Londo... Read more
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If you’re staying up to watch the results of the elections tonight, you’ll have their choice of friends and fellows of the Centre to keep you company through the night and into Friday.    You can join us on:    BBC Scotland – Prof Nicola McEwen will be providing analysis of the results as the come i... Read more
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This paper, by Prof Michael Kenny and Daniel Gover, was submitted as writtren evidence to the House of Commons Procedure Committee inquiry into English Votes for English Laws (EVEL). It is based on research being conducted at the Mile End Institute at Queen Mary University of London, and is supporte... Read more
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The United Kingdom faces a momentous decision, whether to leave or to remain in the European Union. Voters, who will soon be asked to settle the matter in a referendum, are looking for more information and impartial analysis. Among the matters covered were: The impact of the EU on the economy and jo... Read more
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New analysis by Prof David Bell, a CCC Fellow based at the University of Stirling, has concluded that those benefits newly devolved under the Scotland Act 2016, “are typically older, more likely to be single following the death of a partner, not in employment and heavily dependent on benefits and pe... Read more
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