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The PSA and the UK in a Changing Europe have today (2 November 2016) launched a comprehensive report looking at the processes and challenges ahead in the UK's withdrawal from the EU. Visit the Political Studies Association website for full details and download the full report: Brexit and Beyond - Ho... Read more
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For your information the recording of presentations is now on our website and YouTube Channel. There's also a great recap of the event on Storify. To view the recording please visit the Scotland and Brexit event page To read a recap of the event please visit the Storify ----------------------- Furth... Read more
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Mark Elliott and Stephen Tierney discuss the House of Lords Constitution Committee report detailing the process by which the United Kingdom will withdraw from the European Union. This article originally appeared on the UK Constitutional Law Association blog. The House of Lords Constitution Committee... Read more
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Ana Bobić and Josephine van Zeben, University of Oxford, look at the uncertainties surrounding future relationships between the UK and the EU. This post originally appeared on the UK Constitutional Law Association blog. The decision taken by the people of United Kingdom to end its membership of the... Read more
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In a piece originally published in the New European, Roger Scully and Richard Wyn Jones analyse the Welsh vote for Brexit and reflect on the implications for Welsh politics going forward. If anywhere in the UK has benefitted from EU membership in recent years, then it is Wales. A conservative estima... Read more
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The Brexit vote has been called a victory against big business. But Kenneth Amaeshi says it was a missed opportunity to grasp responsible capitalism. The UK’s vote to leave the EU has been framed in some quarters as the defeat of globalisation and a push back against the domination of big business i... Read more
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Brexit poses challenges in many areas of the UK's social, economic and environmental policy, energy not least among them, say Drs Ronan Bolton, Antti Silvast and Mark Winskel.   The EU referendum outcome poses existential questions for many areas of UK social, economic and environmental policy, part... Read more
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Summary: This document explains how Northern Ireland and Scotland should and could stay within the European Union while remaining inside the United Kingdom; why this proposal need not prevent and may in fact facilitate England and Wales in leaving the EU; and why this compromise proposal is in accor... Read more
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Kristen Hopewell and Matias E. Margulis discuss how post Brexit vote the UK will negotiate terms of trading with the rest of the world. While most discussion since the Brexit vote has focused on how the UK will negotiate the terms of its new trading relationship with the EU, much less has been said... Read more
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Gareth Evans looks at why Wales bucked the trend of the devolved regions in the United Kingdom and voted in favour of Brexit. The result of the EU Referendum in Wales saw 52.5% of the electorate vote in favour of Brexit. Reading this result in comparison with England delivers little in the way of an... Read more
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