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The University of Edinburgh seeks to appoint two Postdoctoral Research Fellows to work in Science, Technology and Innovation Studies on a project entitled "Engineering life: ideas, practices and promises" (http://www.stis.ed.ac.uk/research/research_projects/current_projects/engineering_life) funded... Read more
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Stephen Tierney, Professor of Constitutional Theory at Edinburgh Law School and Director of the Edinburgh Centre for Constitutional Law, has been appointed Legal Adviser to the House of Lords Select Committee on the Constitution. In light of the Smith Commission recommendations of greater powers for... Read more
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The House of Lords Constitution Committee will take evidence from leading constitutional academics Professor Alan Trench, Professor Richard Wyn Jones, Professor Nicola McEwen and Professor Alan Page. This session forms part of the Committee's new inquiry, which follows the publication of the Smith... Read more
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Research shows that English voters prefer the option of English Votes for English Laws (EVEL), widely believed to be the frontrunner in the government’s consideration of the West Lothian Question. Forty percent1 of English voters opted for giving English MPs an exclusive say at Westminster over legi... Read more
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As Scotland and the UK come to terms with the events of the night of 18 September, the focus of this site will adapt to the new questions posed by the constitutional chain reaction sparked by the referendum. In addition to publishing research on Scottish devolution in the wake of the Smith Commissio... Read more
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The Scottish referendum in 2014 will ask people one question - whether they think Scotland should be an independent country. Yet many surveys and polls suggest that another option – significantlyextending the powers of the Scottish Parliament – might be better able than independence to attract suppo... Read more
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