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Small States in the Modern World comprehensively assesses the different modes of adaptation by small states in response to the security and economic vulnerabilities posed by global change. It uses a diverse collection of case studies to explore the complexities of change and to place them in their t... Read more
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On Tuesday, 10 November 2015, UK Prime Minister David Cameron sent a letter to the President of the European Council outlining his agenda for renegotiating the UK’s membership of the European Union, ahead of a referendum on the issue. He also gave a speech explaining the demands in more detail. This... Read more
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This book addresses a seemingly paradoxical situation. On the one hand, nationalism from Scotland to the Ukraine remains a resilient political dynamic, fostering secessionist movements below the level of the state. On the other, the competence and capacity of states, and indeed the coherence of nati... Read more
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Scotland has a female First Minister, who competes in Holyrood with a female Leader of the Scottish Labour Party, as well as a female leader of the Scottish Conservatives. While this should be welcomed, we should not assume that the problem of women’s under representation is solved for good, and ins... Read more
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How do women engage differently in referenda and elections? And why does this matter? These were some of the questions explored at Feminizing Politics ESRC Seminar in Edinburgh last month on ‘Voice: Women, the Independence Referendum 2015, and the General Election 2015’. Cera Murtagh (University of... Read more
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CHSS Recognition Awards 2015 Staff have been honoured at the 2015 College Recognition Awards Ceremony. The prizes recognise the outstanding work of staff throughout the College of Humanities and Social Science. The Centre on Constitutional Change won the award for Excellence in Engagement with the W... Read more
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As part of the Committee’s scrutiny of inter-governmental relations, the Committee commissioned external research of the legislative oversight of inter-governmental relations in other jurisdictions.The countries considered were Belgium, Canada, Germany, Spain, Switzerland and the United States of Am... Read more
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The second edition of Small Nations in a Big World examines what other small European nations can teach Scots as they consider their nation's place in the light of #indyref and subsequent events.   The second edition of Small Nations in a Big World by CCC fellows Prof Michael Keating and Dr Malcolm... Read more
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Professor David Bell, a fellow of the Centre, has been appointed as the specialist adviser to the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee.   Professor Bell, based at the University of Stirling, will advise the committee in their inquiry into possible models for the devolution of public finances in... Read more
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Following the announcement of the government's plans for English Votes for English Laws, fellows of the Centre made the following comments.     Professor Michael Keating said:    “EVEL addresses one democratic anomaly, that English citizens have occasionally been governed by parliamentary majorities... Read more
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