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Senior Lecturer in Finance
University of Edinburgh, Business School
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Arman is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Finance and Accounting and Director of MSc Finance and Investment at the University of Edinburgh. His educational background includes BSc (Electrical Engineering) and MBA with distinction from Sharif University of Technology, and PhD in Finance as well as a PGCert in Academic Practice from the University of Edinburgh. He is a Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy, and has previously held visiting positions at Manchester Business School and University College London. Prior to his doctoral studies, Arman was a management consultant in the banking and telecom sectors.


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Financial markets are in turmoil after the Brexit vote. But Dr Arman Eshraghi says behavioural finance tells us they will recover - albeit to a new normal. When the news broke, many people in the UK and around the world were shocked to hear that the UK had voted to leave the EU. These feelings of sh... Read more
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