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Not for nothing has the Miller case, currently before the UK Supreme Court, been called one of the most important constitutional cases for decades. In it, the UK Government is seeking to overturn the High Court in England and Wales’ decision last month that it does not have the power to trigger Arti... Read more
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Alan Page, University of Dundee, expands on his presentation from last Tuesday's Scotland and Brexit event. He explains that the implications of EU withdrawal for the devolution settlement are far-reaching - quite apart from the question of a second independence referendum. The implications of EU wi... Read more
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The protocols developed for intergovernmental relations in the aftermath of devolution would have needed adapting to cope with the greater devolution recommended by the Smith Commission but, says Alan Page, Professor of Public Law at the University of Dundee, they were in urgent need of review befor... Read more
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Academics were asked to evaluate the case for Union and share their thoughts on what might unfold if Scotland votes NO. Alan Page of the University of Dundee offers a legal perspective. I was asked to address the legal process of constitutional change. Let me say straight away that from a legal or c... Read more
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