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Lecturer in Politics
University of Edinburgh
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I completed my PhD at Strathclyde University in 2013. My thesis examined the impact of devolution on the Welsh and Scottish Conservative parties. I joined the School of Social and Political Science as a lecturer in September 2013. I previously taught at the universities of Strathclyde and Glasgow. You can follow me @AlanConvery.

Research interests

My research interests are in broadly three areas: conservatism and the UK Conservative Party (especially in Scotland and Wales); territorial politics and public policy; and British, Scottish and Welsh politics.

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Politics and International Relations


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Posted orginally on the Academy of Government blog >> Tories should celebrate and then think of the Union The Scottish Conservatives have exceeded expectations by winning 13 seats in Scotland. This is the party’s best result in Scotland since 1983. It surpasses their previous tally of 11 MPs... Read more
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Much has been said about the possibility that the Conservatives could come second in May's Scottish Parliament election. However, says, Alan Convery, both their past record and the wider context mean they should be cautious about 2016.    Could this be the Scottish Conservatives’ moment? They have c... Read more
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It has taken the Scottish Conservatives a long time to adjust to life in post-devolution Scotland. In particular, one question has overshadowed and constrained the party’s thinking: what is the appropriate Conservative response to the Scottish Parliament? The Scottish Conservatives arrived at a defi... Read more
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Alan Convery asks, with diminished representation in Scotland, should the Scottish Labour Party consider separating entirely from the UK Labour Party? In common with the Conservatives, the Scottish Labour Party now knows what it feels like to have severely diminished representation in Scotland. This... Read more
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New online course from the same University of Edinburgh team as last year's Referendum MOOC Understanding the UK's 2015 General Election This course provides an overview of the United Kingdom's 2015 general election. Join us right up to and through election night as we explore the politics, issues a... Read more
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Alan Convery welcomes participants who would like to join our free #indyref online course. In just a few weeks’ time, we will know whether Scotland will stay in the United Kingdom or become an independent country. However, Scotland’s referendum debate can be difficult to navigate. Beyond the claims... Read more
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For the Scottish Conservatives, the publication of the Strathclyde Commission report on further devolution marks another significant moment in a long journey for the party. Having passed from strident opposition to a Scottish Parliament to the Calman Commission and lines in the sand, they now have t... Read more
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